Principal's Message

From the Desk of Mrs. Tansley, Principal
As we approach this very festive yet stressful time of the year please
keep in mind that although a middle school student may not display
outward signs of stress and tension they often times experience these
feelings with much more intensity than adults. In an attempt to relieve
some of these feelings we have planned numerous middle school events
that are purely enjoyable and allow students to be "kids". If you feel that
your child needs to speak to someone at school just contact me, Mr.
Caetano, or a guidance counselor at any time.
Our Wolcott Public Schools website is always up to date. If you sign on
to the website at and pull down the Tyrrell tab you can
access our morning announcements, school calendar, highlights of
school events, as well as teacher emails and homework sites just to name
a few. It is our goal to keep you informed about every aspect of the
school's operation as it pertains to student performance. This website is
your connection to the school and its personnel.
Have a wonderful holiday season,
Mrs. Tansley, Principal