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TMS and Wakelee ELA Collaboration
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Monday, May 02, 2016
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After studying the Civil Rights Movement using informational text, a few of Ms. Tedeschi and Mrs. Wilson’s ELA classes finished the unit by creating picture books and age appropriate lessons to teach what they had learned to the kindergarteners at Wakelee school. The books were beautifully written for younger students, depicting the struggles of African Americans and events taking place at that time in history. Their lessons were very creative, engaging and able to hold the kindergarteners’ attention. The students brought props to help explain segregation in a way a four or five year old would best grasp the concept. They also had the kindergarteners apply their knowledge learned to written accountability tasks, and how amazing to see those kindergarteners’ written work!  “Not one of our students had difficulty with those tasks which tells us they were listening and learning, said the kindergarten teachers. “We loved the after activities as well.  One of the sixth grade students brought maps and had the students locate CT(North) and Alabama(South), and another used laminated crayons and boxes to depict segregation and equality; the kindergarteners were thrilled to participate in each and every lesson!” It is a wonderful thing to bridge the gap between the students.  The sixth graders love to share what they learn in a meaningful way, and the younger ones love to have a new and exciting “teacher” to learn from! All around a fantastic exercise in teaching/learning across the grades!


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